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Personal Income Tax by Zip Code

This visualization contains statistics from State of California Personal Income Tax Returns for approximately the last 20 years. It relates the total number of personal income tax returns, self-assessed Total Tax Liability and Adjusted Gross Income to California's counties, cities and zip codes. Below is a chart showing the number of California State Income Tax Returns filed for each year. The visualization filters from county to city to zip code, measuring the total number of returns, total tax liability, or adjusted gross income aggregated for a specific tax year.  Here is a description of the variables that are represented in the Personal Income Tax (PIT) Statistics by Zip Code chart:
  • Returns - The total number of Personal Income Tax returns filed over the last 20 years. 
  • Total Tax Liability - Total self-assessed tax owed by taxpayer to the State of California Franchise Tax Board.
  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) - Gross income minus any adjustments to income. 
Please see the link below the chart to access the PIT Statistics by Zip Code dataset.
The above chart represents the relationship between total number of tax returns, adjusted gross income, or total tax liability as a function of tax year. The default shows the number of personal income tax returns filed over the last 20 years. In the top right corner of the chart, there is a filter where the user can filter to specific counties, cities, and zip codes to compare aggregated total returns, California Adjusted Gross Income, or Total Tax Liability. In the upper left corner, the user can choose from three options, an arrow up button, an ellipsis, and an undo button. The upward arrow pointing up drills up to the previous visualization. The ellipsis button gives the user the option to make a choice by hierarchy, tax year to county to city to zip code. Finally, the undo button will reset the visualization to the default values. Once a visualization is created, the user can click on the individual bars in the chart to drill down to the county, city, or zip code image depending on the specific tax year that is selected. 

AGI by County

By clicking on each county in the map to the left users can obtain the region’s per capita adjusted gross income, return count and population for any available tax year. Use the “View Source Data” link below the chart to access the Adjusted Gross Income by County dataset.

California Median Income by County

By clicking on each county in the map to the right users can obtain demographic and aggregated tax return information, including how each county ranks for statewide median income. The “View Source Data” link below the map provides access to the dataset and allows users to create their own visualizations utilizing the data

Annual Report

The Franchise Tax Board’s Annual Report provides a summary of the Departments major program activities during the calendar year. The report also includes statistical tables of current and historical tax data related to personal income taxes.

Personal Income Annual Reports


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